Ice Monsters / 空撮 樹氷 [4K] Aerial view of frozen trees covered in snow and ice, Mount Zao, Yamagata, Japan taken taken with DJI Inspire 1 Pro. ### Check out other our videos ### Lenticular clouds on Mt.Fuji / 空撮 笠雲と富士山 [4k] Snow line of Mt.Fuji / 富士山の雪の境界 [4K] Fractal Snow Pattern in Mt.Fuji / 絶景 幾何学模様を纏った富士 [4K]

Aerial Shooting Service by crescend L Design

Aerial shooting services for TV programs, promotion videos etc., are available by our company. For details, please contact us.

New Videos

Aerial shooting with a drone by L Design

Basic fees

Shooting fee for aerial shooting with a drone

Shooting fee: ¥25,000- per flight (1battery≒approx.10~15min.)
Simple direction fee: ¥30,000- (basic fee), ¥5,000 per cut. Option: ¥5,000- per visual effect / subtitle

"Aerial view of fruits park in Yamanashi, Japan" 2flights + 3cuts + 2subtitles
Total fee = 25,000×2+30,000+5,000×3+5,000×2=105,000 (Tax, transportation and accommodation fees are excluded)